Monday 23 May 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 32

There is no trouble so great
or grave that cannot be...
much diminished by a nice cup of tea...
~ Bernard-Paul Heroux
Perfect Friday mornings, are when I listen to Retro music on Suno FM (for all my friends outside Dubai... you must listen to them online on Friday morning... your heart will skip a beat if you are a retro lover!!).... with a hot cup of tea..... singing with the tunes.... *sigh*
Oh... Do you like the image on top?? Gagan taught me to do that... *smiles*... I'm so enjoying it now... that every weekend... you'll see one such image... Oh.. don't blame me... go .. yell at Gagan!! *grin*
I had a rather quiet weekend... of cleaning, clearing, sorting, finishing chores that were left untouched for a while... I even dusted the carvings of the bench... can you see how clean it is??
I'm still dreaming of Pinks and Lotus'... and am slowing making the 'lotus empire' *smiles*
Saturday was rather on my own as well.... so what about you?? Hope you are linking in this week... Yes!! Yes!! I know... I've been busy.. and haven't had the time to pop into your blogs... Will do catch ups soon... Thank you for coming and visiting me... leaving your comments... surely keeps me motivated.... to take out a few minutes for my blog inspite of absolutely mental days...
Can't wait to see what you will be linking in this week... *smiles*

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~ Patricia


  1. Clean, de-clutter...something that helps you mentally unwind...Have a wounderful week, my dear said Ganesha riding on the chariot....:-)

  2. the ganesh ji and the pink cushion :) lovely

  3. Loved the glimpse of ur home in other post... Warm , bright n beautiful ala u.....

    The line abt a cup od tea is true.. nothing like tht to get the smile back on ur face... ha

  4. Hi the ganeshji on the Chariot is lovely !! Where did you get it from ?

  5. Loved your beautiful pink cushion and the little Ganesha on chariot!:)

  6. Lovely images , patty.... !!
    And the first pic is awesome..

  7. Your home is as inviting and beautiful as your blog.

  8. Yay!! I had some tea too ... just linked in. I love de-cluttering, organizing and re-organizing. It is such a big stress buster :) I have doing this major sort-of annual cleaning around the house and it feels great *big smile*.


  10. Nice Patty! Liked the first and the 3rd pic too!

  11. decluttering- thats what i am doing now since i am back home after a month ,missed reading ur posts,,happy week ahead,..

  12. Aha! Blame it on me???? kyon bhai?

    Found a pink lotus tealight holder. Thought of you---if we ever meet in person, I know what to give you! :)

  13. hahahah! gagan's taught me a lot of blogging tricks too :) and love the ganesha on a chariot!


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