Thursday 26 May 2011

The Pipal ~ Cupcake themed decor

Introducing ‘The Pipal’, an online store for ‘personalised’ and ‘customized’ kids accessories.

I’d like to tell you more about the store and the people behind this lovely store… but I’ll leave that for the second post… for now… I’m sharing with you one of my favourite themes ‘the cupcake theme’….
Can you see the personalised pillow?? Wouldn't that be a perfect gift for your little one??

The themes not only cater to teens, or kids… but to infants as well… *sigh* Wish I knew of ‘The Pipal’… when my girls were little…

I’m totally in love with those cup cake pillows & cushions…

and above all… at how easily they can be ‘customized’.. Which makes it a perfect gift for any little kids or teen you know…

All kids like something with their names on it… *smiles*

They also have little bags... that can be personalised!!

Go on and check out the collection at ‘The Pipal’… and watch out for the second post… for the story behind the store!! *smiles*


  1. love the cupcake cushions cute..

  2. Thanks, Patricia! Very cute!

  3. wow!!! i am soo tempted !!

  4. Thanks for this lead Patty! I could make my little nieces in India happy!

  5. Very cute, I lake it!
    Kisses and have a nice day:)

  6. oh so adorable ..absoultely love the collection

  7. Very very cute!
    Ps: I like the new look of Colours Dekor:)

  8. Love the new look of colors dekor.
    very chic:)


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