Friday 20 May 2011

A Thousand Words ~ collection

Open till end of May... In the spotlight... is 'A thousand words'... Will you join in?? Here is the 1st round up ...
Nisha ~ Lifestyle!! I totally love her daily notes on unused forks idea... Go check out Lifestyle for more ....
Joining in is Geetha ~ Paisley... with lots of pictures from her home... fridge magnets from travel, bookshelves, book marks her daughter made, her girls bookshelves, a few old memories... and loads of magazines...
Oh.. and Asha ~ My Home... has shown us this fabulous 'Travel on Print'... I totally loved this idea.. and will surely be doing this will all my travel photos...
Ising cakes has joined in to show us what 'a thousand words' mean to her... and I was amazed with this DIY pic...
Last, but not the least is Sarmistha from Gharonda... Her blogs got a new look.. so go and check it out... Also, check out her post where a thousand words transform into a thousand thoughts... ..... Hope you'll check all these links.. and then tell me what 'a thousand words' mean to you... Do join in the linky party open till end of May... or if you are a non blogger, simply email on


  1. Your thousand word series is such a great idea.Made us think on little stuffs of life which otherwise takes a backseat and ponder upon them.Everyday things mean so much to us and takes a different perspective when friends like you asks us to pen our thoughts an opportunity to see so many posts too.Was a great read.Thanx Patty and team:)

  2. u always come with different ideas patty...ths one s somethng intellectual and gr8...

  3. hi patty,nice name huh.luv your blog with different lovely decor ideas.thanx for taking to new world of lovely decor. surely when my dream home comes true,will send my own decor to feature here.surely taking some ideas from here.i don't know when that day comes.thanx for ur lovely comments.

  4. Love this series, Patty and Anpu! I am enjoying the 1,000 words series. Thanks for uploading the various interpretations of that phrase!

  5. Patty I think there is a mistake in my link.:-)


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