Tuesday 31 May 2011

Kids' Craft - A Crown for my Prince Charming :)

My son's school was hosting a fairytale ball & I dressed him up as Prince charming for the occasion.
And what's a prince without his crown, yeah? :):) I leaped into action, and cereal box craft to the rescue as always ;-) :-D
Enjoy the images!!
And finally, our prince shows off his crown en route to school [which is why I had to click these pics in the car]
Hope all of you are having a Happy June!


  1. Thatz a cute little crown made of cereal box... !!

  2. :) Many Many years ago I made a crown for my older one :). This brought back so many fun memories of the play :)


  3. So very cute Urmi...I bet your lil one loved his crown...Cheers!!

  4. Urmi... I think I'm sending the girls to you for summer camp... You are always doing little things with your little one.. thats super cute!!


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