Wednesday 11 May 2011

A Thousand Words ~ Anu

From this Wednesday on, I will begin posting weekly on Colours Dekor. With the spotlight on A Thousand Words, I am joining my fellow bloggers on this topic. A Thousand Words to me, is... Books,... Book shelves,... Pictures that speak a thousand words in the world of imagination,...Letters through which you can convey those thousand words,...and that hold those thousand memories,...a cosy nook where you curl up with a book and glass of chai.... Sharing some of those varied moments of A Thousand Words,... Book shelf in the family room...wish I could make more time to read...
...Some biographies, some home decor coffee table books...This one on the Bangash family is a treasured one...signatured by the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Aman and Ayaan Ali Khan. It was a beautiful experience talking to the family and my first glimpse to the traditional gharana concept, the humility and the 'Adda' that bespoke a very rich tradition and upbringing in these modern times...
...Some letters from my grandfather, grand uncles to my father...some of them go back to 1940's...some pictures from around that same time...some negatives...
...a treasured card from my brother in 2004 on my birthday,...what makes this card special were the stamps he had gotten made of my was 6 months after my dad had passed away...however getting this card and the stamp-pictures of my dad...made it feel, as though my dad himself was wishing me...
...Another book shelf in my loft...and the cosy nook, to curl up with a good book
Hope you enjoyed the post...Adios until next wednesday...


  1. O these are such beautiful pics. U have an awesome home.. n lovely books.

  2. Nice post! Love the letters, old photos and stamps very much!

  3. Loved this post Anpu!
    The last picture is gorgeous!:)

  4. WOW!!! dream corners. Did u ship that chest from India or lucky you could buy in the US. Good to get to know the surroundings of people you interact regularly. Loved it Anpu :-)

  5. Super super super house. You are right. We collect all these books and never have the time to read them. But just to see them happily "conversing" with the other books makes me happy. What a lovely way to keep our letters outside. I will do the same :).


  6. very lovely pics n thoughts even lovelier......u r blessed

  7. i know u r an acclaimed scientist but dint know that ur art works r as stupendous!!

  8. as i keep saying always..your home is so beautiful anu...:)...lovely corners and such sentimental stuff..loved it

  9. Great post and photos dear!
    I lake it!
    Kisses and have a nice day:)

  10. A lovely and rich post, Anpu!

  11. Thanks everyone for all your kind comments...
    @ Harshi - Thanks kane...
    @ Richa - Thanks dear...still more to do...and yes i have lots more books...but do not have much time to read...;-( Love your blog
    @Geeta - Thanks...I think i am going to start writing letters least once in a way and love your blog posts...:-) keep it up...
    @Sanghamitra - Love your name thanks so your blog
    @Shanti - Thanks dear...I found that Peti in a shop in Atlanta...and the shop was closing! my luck right...picked up some more stuff...will give a dekho of the rest in my house tour..
    @Mytri - thanks kane...yes keep it out ...that way you can read the same too and also air them...:-)
    @Poonam - Thanks Poonam (what a lovely name...:-))...thanks for visiting the blog
    @Anonymous - Thanks for the appreciation..but what is your name?...:-)
    @Neha - Thanks your blog
    @ Sudha - Thanks dear...i enjoy decorating homes...Love your Blog and finds
    @Zondra Art - Thanks and love your blog...
    @Priya - Thanks Priya...your blog inspires me a lot...:-)

  12. HI i like the set up on the chest and the area around it. You never cease to amaze... actually u rock...

  13. HI ampu that post was from me manisha, and it happens to switch to daddy's id somehow but i am sure even he feels the same.

  14. Oh Anpu, how I love your reading nook! The one thing I miss here is the ability to take in music played such a big part in my life while I was in college, there's nothing that can compare to live music......I love the tabla and the bansuri, and Delhi was the best place on earth to catch all genres of music..........those evenings will always be part of my cherished memories..thanks for sharing!

  15. Your place looks so cool and cozy...good collection of books... lovely stamp...gr8:)

  16. I misd to add that I just LOVED the Warli painted pot:))

  17. Wonderful post Anpu! Absolutely loved the stamps and the last pic.


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