Monday 9 May 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 30

Hello my lovelies.. Hope you had a lovely weekend… My weekend was hectic (as usual) *wink*… but rather chilled out…

I spent all of Friday… listening to retro music on Suno102.4 and ‘lotus-ifying’ the living room… I scrubbed, cleaned, move, arranged, rearranged…. to my hearts content!! Yes!! I’m now slightly more happy with the way the living area looks… I think the walls still look bare… but that’s something I will work on this month… I’ll show you bits & pieces soon… *smiles*

Friday evening, we watched the ‘Hustlers’ (my bros play for this team) playing basketball… They won.. and at the end that’s what matters… This is the first of the league games…. and most Friday evenings now… will be spent this way!!

Saturday I got him home…. Isn’t he beautiful?? The lights look gorgeous by night... sorry I dont have a better photo to share at the moment... And the yellow candle is also a fountain.. Its pretty.. isn't it??

We also got him…. The new addition to our family.. ‘Bumble’… Isn’t he such a cutie!!

Oh.. and we watched Almost Alice at Dubai Modern High School on Saturday evening as well… The talent on stage was breathtaking… and the kid who played the Mad Hatter was simply amazing… Hope he makes it big someday!!

Hope you are joining in the.... Weekend Wrap Up .... !! .. I know I've not been regular on your blogs... but am having a busy phase... Will be there soon !! ~~
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  1. Bumble looks soo cute.. Love the tiny bone at his collar... !!!

  2. Good that you people could make it to the DMHS 'Almost Alice'. I believe it was sold out! These kids are amazing!

  3. Wow! Loved the 'new addition' to your family :)
    Just added a link.

  4. Bumble looks adorable, liiike the little bone hanging from his collar :) Am joining your party today Patty.

  5. ooh a doggie! congrats on the new addition!:)

  6. Bumble is so cute!!!You have quite a happening weekend!!

  7. howdie bumble :) you have two little girls going nuts about you i am sure :)
    Happy mommys day Patty

  8. Hey Patty, Your latest buy Buddha is jst awesome, jst imagining how pretty it would be looking at night. And Bumble is soooooo shweeet, your girls must in cloud nine, enjoying the company. Well for me the past week was worst, my little one caught with chicken pox, very much here in the air...but well since ysterday she is much better.


  9. Hey Bumble welcome !!!! We are going to learn more and more about you. Buddha with those lights must be looking divine in the night. Just linked in.

  10. See Pat :), you have me inspired already :) wkend story from my end linked up too..

  11. Welcome Bumble!! Aww look at him. He looks like a bundle of energy. Have fun and looking forward to his helping Mom out ;).


  12. Almost Alice, Modern High play - the Red Queen stole the show by far! She was brilliant!!

  13. Oh and Bumble is adorable :)

  14. Oh.. Kevin... Did you watch the show?? The red queen was brilliant no doubt... But my heart was stolen by the 'Mad Hatter'... I think Leander.. was his name... Extremely talented young lad!

    Although.. I wasn't very impressed with Alice... and Modern have put better shows together in the past...

  15. You sure had lot of fun this week:)
    and Bumble..omg what a cutie!

  16. Wow, sounds like a fabulous weekend:) New doggie is very cute!

  17. Lovely Buddha Patty!! Bumble looks cute too!

  18. Bumble is very cute and love the Buddha. Have a great week Patty!

  19. Hi Patty!! Hope you are doing great. I joined in... li'l late this time but at least I'm back to blogging. Had been busy and out for some time. Linked in :)

  20. Oh be still my heart! I LOVE bumble........just want to hug him to bits!


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