Sunday 26 June 2011

Warli fun

Warli is a popular art from a little village in Maharashtra with the same name. This is the most intriguing form of Indian art.

Warli paintings are expressions of the daily lives of these tribes. The stories revolve around harvest season, weddings, celebrations, customs, other rituals, etc. Predominately white colour is used on a red earthen background. Just like this house below -

The simple monochromes compositions that mainly consist of geometrical designs, can still be so appealing. The simplest form of art – Warli. Watch the video below to learn more...
This weekend, the girls wanted to learn Warli... so here is a sketch I prepared to teach them the art.... *smiles*
The girls made one painting each ... They've found a way to hang this on the rim of the bed... Here is the display...
The below one is made by Sims (my 8 year old)....
This one made by Eva (my 6 year old).... She loves to use sketch pens.... and pencils don't really classify as art work... *smiles*... Now I'll show you a few images from my old home... I painted the Warli below... ..
One more look... at the same Warli...
This is an old CD rack from IKEA .. I revived it with a little dose of Warli ...
I want to paint an outdoor wall with Warli as well... thats my summer project.. Now that the kids seem to enjoy Warli as well.. We will be doing the wall project together...
Hope you've learnt the art too... And if you've got a project to show off about, email me on
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  1. It looks great, and very simple too, but quite a hard work too.My son got interested in this art and made two pictures,one a cousin of mine bought it from him for a good price for he was fed of doing it all over again. She liked his picture so much that she had to lure him to do it for her for a price.
    Interesting topic.
    We also made similar designs on tiles for our house from our tile book in which this type of art is called pagan art, but it looks exactly like Warli art.
    Your CD racks looks very nice dressed up in a unique style.

  2. :) Awesome! Welcome on board!

  3. Love the CD rack make-over... and the warli art on the wall.. !!! The art works by Sims and Eva are beautiful..!!!

    Waiting to see your summer project...!!

    Have a great week ahead !!

    P.S :Is that framed work that of a stocking flower... Its beautiful..!!

  4. The Warli Paintings on the wall& the cabinet look really good! Your daughter & you have done a good job! Lovely!:-)

  5. Awesome Patty!!! The kids have done really gr8 too!!!

  6. Looks great and I am sure a lot of fun for the kids:)

  7. glad I blog-hopped to your site - the stick figures are beautiful as are the pictures of madurodam - I was seriously thinking MAdurai - a place of great temple in South India :)

  8. Wow Patty!! Beautifully done.kudos to your kids . Loved their warli art work:)perfectly composed.
    Our tribes in different part of India has so much unique art work to offer.I've seen some artwork of santhal tribe, now jharkhand occupied territory.and some from Orissa as well.amazing talent !!
    Loved the images from your home.

  9. ALL thumbs up, Patty. This is beautiful. I will never get anything in such a perfect circle. Lovely to look at. I love the dancing steps in the Warli art.

  10. This is awesome..!!
    Warli is very interesting art..
    I have tried that too.. here is the link..

  11. Very cool :) Kids did a great job! And I love the design on the wall as well as the cd cabinet!

  12. wow i love to see kids getting involved in crafts. My own little one loves crafting with me yet to try warli though. Thank You for the inspiration

  13. Hi Patty,
    Could you tell what colours you used to paint on the walls?
    Wondering if acrylic colours would work?

  14. awesome wonderful.

  15. c an this art be used as a n textiles.block print i

  16. Lured ur wall nd the kids work too

  17. awesome! looks great on the cabinet, great idea!

  18. Lovely post Patty, I loved the CD rack makeover. Thanks for linking this post to the The Keybunch Carnival.

  19. Patty that was wonderful and your kids too. If at all I will ever attempt a DIY that would be a Worli.


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