Monday 6 June 2011

Rama's yummy weekend!!

Rama joins in for the weekend wrap up... with Sunday yummies!! *smiles* She blogs at Time, Time, I have all the time.. So join me.. as I'm headed to Rama's house for lunch...
Puliodarai or Tamrind rice, a delicacy of Karnataka, with its own special flavor of dry coconut, sesame powder and groundnuts. To go with it... Tomato and Cucumber Raita
Dahi wada made in the north Indian style with all the extra fitting like, special sweet chutney made of jaggery, dates and tamarind, and all the dry chatpatta dry chat masalas to go with it.
The mandatory Curd rice without which no authentic south Indian can say that the meal is over
For dessert Mango Kulfi.
Although the menu looks very simple, but it is not so easy doing everything by yourself especially on a Sunday when it is a holiday for the maid. So apart from cooking a simple looking meal (yet with lots of detail going into it), I had to the additional responsibility of washing vessels, keeping the house tidy before the guests arrived for lunch and get ready too. Plus I couldn't resist a photo session of the meal I had cooked so lovingly. So husband was dragged to take some good as well as not so good pictures!!
Tell me whether you liked what had been prepared, or is it too simple for all the fuss I made it out to be? I would love to know from all. Happy eating yummy but simple food!!!


  1. Yummmmmmmmmmm

    What a spread. Puliyogare and dadhyodhanam and my all time favorite thyir vade. I am licking my computer screen, Rama!!!!


  2. I second Mytri...Looks delish Rama. That Puliyogre looks so good, the dahi vadas!! so yummy and nutrious...great spread Rama

  3. its been so long since i prepared a spread like this,everything looks delciious,..

  4. Thank you Pat.
    Thanks Mytri, Anpu and notyet100.
    It has been a long time for me too!

  5. mm.. Love dahi vadas... They look delicious... And that mango kulfi... looks yumm... !!

  6. Rama, that is not a simple spread, but complete one! It must have tasted like heaven and to be truthful, this is one of my favorite regular spread for guests as well!

  7. Rama, it seems like you whipped up a super delicious meal! my mouth is watering just looking at it...


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