Tuesday 7 June 2011

The Pipal ~ kids room decor

You’ve already seen ‘The Pipal’s’ cup cake theme… now for the story..

Over to Abha ~

When our son was born, we wanted customized, quality and development appropriate kids bedding. Unable to find anything suitable I created my own personalized crib bedding & customized nursery décor. The passion to achieve the right affordable look without compromising quality led to several commissions. Word of mouth generated demand for our customized nursery decor. Driven by the success and demand of the personalized products, my husband Anuj and I founded The Pipal.

Coming from a relatively small city it was tough to find the quality and range of products available in the metros and our dream was to make The Pipal products available across India, especially the smaller towns. Being avid online shoppers and betting on the inevitable growth in the E-commerce market in India, an online store was ideal for our objectives. Besides, opening retail stores to cover all towns was not possible economically or operationally for us.

Subsequently we developed and launched www.thepipal.com in June 2010. Little Pipal, our designer kids boutique, offers a large range of customizable kids products such as body cushions, curtains, bedding sets, quilts, crib bedding, bath ponchos and towels etc. The concept of Little Pipal products is "PERSONALIZED" and "CUSTOMIZED". Everything can be personalized with words of your choice and customized in colours and sizes according to your specifications.

We mainly sell online on our store www.thepipal.com and have over 11,000 Facebook fans (www.facebook.com/thepipal). Selected product lines are also available in niche kids boutique stores in Mumbai, Chennai and by the time the blog entry is out, Hyderabad.

For more information check ‘The Pipal’ or comment on their FB page ‘The Pipal on FB

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