Wednesday 29 June 2011

a peek into Rama's home

... I've said this before... I simply can't get enough of Rama's gorgeous home...
You've seen her outdoor... here are a few stunning images from her indoors... *smiles*
What do you have to say about the architecture of her home??
The colours of the tiles..... so so impressive! The colour of the walls.... gorgeous!!
.... oh and I so so love stained glass...
The stairs... leading to another gorgeous orange wall... I'm a huge fan of orange.. *sigh*
Do leave a note for Rama... and tell her what you think of her gorgeous home...
Check out her blog... to know more about Rama... Would you like to see more images of her home??
Hop on to Peacocks & Paisleys for Rama's home tour... and also read Rama's guest post at The Design Enthusiast...


  1. Love it Rama...Love teh serenity, the colors and mostly the bamboo beams on the ceilings...Thanks for sharing

  2. Rama, the indoors is as gorgeous as the outdoors... I love the stained glass... the tiled floors.. and the bamboo ceiling is a fab idea... !!

  3. A wonderful home!


  4. The celing beams are to die for. And what a majestic staircase!

  5. Patty, I was really surprised to see some parts of our house featured again in Colours Deckor.
    I had totally forgotten about the pictures I had sent you. Thank you very much.
    Once again thank you dear friends for stopping by. Thanks for the comments you have posted--- I simply love them.

  6. Rama! Your house is gorgeous. It is so rare to find people appreciating terracotta tiles. I love them. They are so wonderful to walk barefoot as we do in India. The skylight will always fill the house with light. I love them. And I love how you have used the area below the steps to put in a cupboard. Brilliant use of space. And the tiles on the riser. I am coming over when I am in Bangalore next :). Where to relax, inside the house or outside in the garden??????

  7. What a treat this morning Rama:) Love the orange color, the tiles, the beams - simply gorgeous. You have done such a fabulous job inside and outside your house:):)

  8. My3 you are most welcome,you can relax wherever you want, but I will let you relax only after you taken me shopping to all the places from where you have bought your lovely sarees.
    Kala thank you very much.

  9. Lovely, especially the stained glass.
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  10. It's always a pleasure to take a peek into Rama's gorgeous home! The indoor is as beautiful as outdoor! Thanks for sharing this stunning home once again Patty:)

  11. love the warm colors and that bench outside is to die for...lovely home Rama.


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