Friday 10 June 2011

Saanvi's Birthday

You've seen the making of Saanvi's room... This inspiration is from Nirija ~ who blogs at I like Kalaa... Do you remember seeing this on the wall??

Now see this on Saanvi's 1st Birthday cake... Isn't this gorgeous...
Look at this below?? Saanvi... I hope you had a gorgeous time.. and you mom & dad are truly amazing!!
If you've done something special for your little ones birthday... email us at


  1. yay!!!! Elmo and curious George :)

  2. Everything looks absolutely special and gorgeous.

  3. How cuteeee!!
    patty you attract the most amazingly talented ppl to ur blog..

  4. How great to be a kid and have a Mom and Dad who are so creative:):) Fabulous!

  5. Happy bday Savni. hope you had lots of fun !!

  6. Beautifully adorable!!!
    Happy Bday Sanvi:)))

  7. WOW!!!! that was something cute. I am so off from these kids stories now - btw where do these characters come from?

  8. The two characters on the wall are fabulous, well done.

    Reminds me of Kapish from Tinkle of long ago.


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