Tuesday 28 June 2011

Buddha Scapes ~ Scribbler

Scribbling into my heart... and into Buddha scapes today is Scribbler.... Here are some stunning images from her home!!
This is in front of the door
(to ward off evil eyes)
The second one in the theatre room with night lights (to soothe me into a peaceful night)
..... in the backyard (to watch my back)....
.... a corner of the living area, which is my Bali inspired corner
(as the gaurdian angel of all that happnes in the house) ...
Will you be joining in for Buddha Scapes this month??


  1. Absolutely stunning! Love this home. :-)

  2. That's a lovely home. Loved the living area.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, Patty. And thanks all for your comments.

  4. Wow, love all of the buddhas, and especially the Bali corner. Very inspiring home:):)

  5. Gorgeous home... Especially love the living room... Beautiful !!

  6. Beautiful home...love that bali inspired corner.

  7. Awesome, me too - loved the Bali corner :)

  8. has to be my fav Buddhascape entry...really..i loved each pic and that Bali corner is gorgeous! Such great taste.


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