Friday 3 June 2011

Creative outdoors

You'll be shocked to see what my cousin Lesley did to his balcony ... Is this creative or what? An aspiring commercial pilot by profession... Who would say, he is not an artist or a designer??
This is the balcony of his apartment here in Sharjah... The Buddha is hand painted by Lee!! *surprised* .... I was too!! *smiles*
Then he went ahead and painted the other walls of his 13th floor balcony too... Here is a brick effect...
some more passionate bricks... and patterns...
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The yellow thing in the bottom image, he picked from the bin... It was brown in colour.. He doesn't even know what its really meant to be... But to him.. his creepers will eventually grow on it... He painted it yellow... and it looks perfect against the dark brown wall...
I'm truly super impressed... and I hope you are too...
Did you like his work of art?? Awesome!! Isn't it??
'In the spotlight' for the month of June is Buddha Scapes ... hope you are linking in!!


  1. omg!!thts amazing!getting ur proportions right on a big wall like tht...and for somebody whos not trained.. is quite something!

  2. hmmm,too daring to do something like that. nice for somebody who is untrained

  3. this is superb work. How creative!! I love all the colourful walls and the buddha and the sea-shell shaped pots..

  4. Wow, it proves that there is an "artist" inside all of us - we just need to bring it out. I am so impressed and he made it his own - kudos!:):)

  5. Love the splash of yellow on the walls! Totally impressed!

  6. he is a pilot!! seriously!

  7. WOW, totally daring. I love it. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to pick up or think of picking up color and brushes :)


  8. Bold!!! Vibrant!!! VIVID!!! ALIVE...I bet everyone heads for his balcony...simply awesome

  9. That was HOT!!! Patty u r inspiring to one and all around you. I loved those shell plant holders, Cool!!! and that yellow creeper thing. Added warmth to the entire place. he should continue doing balconies :-)

  10. This is a really neat space. Very color and perfect for entertaining. Thanks for linking this up!

  11. Awesome post Patty, loved every pic in this post.

  12. I still can't believe our first party had over 300 links. I have a special give away planned for linkers this week.

    I would love it if you would grab the bacon time party button for your collection of link parties since it will run every Friday evening through Sunday night.

    Thanks again, hope to see you soon.


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