Thursday 9 June 2011

Buddha Scapes ~ Sree & Sreya

Joining in today, all the way from a remote area in Andhra Pradesh, India is 'Sree & Sreya'. She also blogs at Sree's life in pictures ... This blog is on a pic a day 365 day project which shows the rural lifestyle .. Most of the blog is in Telegu, but you can sure read the captions and ofcourse the pictures speak a million words..
The nearest city is about 60kms away, yet with all the limitation her home is gorgeous!!
I have very limited resources and so I painted an old discarded..broken onion stand green and placed a few things here and there near the steps leading to the terrace, my kid was concerned that the Buddha might get drenched in the rain, so she was very keen that I put up an umbrella for him!! And so here is our own green tiny Zen corner which can be seen from the living room where we spend most of our time... Early mornings are especially more awesome with birds singing...
Isn't this truly gorgeous... Do post a comment and keep her encouraged to do more!!
Hope you are joining the link party on 'Buddha Scapes'... open all of June!! *smiles*


  1. Such a sweet and touching gesture to put an umbrella over the Buddha,, checked out your Kajaalu as well, you have a nice blog Sree!

  2. How pretty! And such a sensitive child wanting to protect Buddha from the elements...thats precious no? Patty, I am so enjoying your blog lately ,even more so. the Buddha scapes are so beautiful to watch, I wish I could so something similar but well, I am a practising christian so cannot bring idols in the house...if not God, my hubster will surely throw me out of the house, LOLll. But anyway, I can ateast visit your blog and admire all the posts. Again, I esp love the vegetable stand repurposed and looking really going to copy for my balcony now...

  3. This is so so amazing. The Buddha, the lotus, the colourful umbrella and the plants are all so beautiful.

    Keep up your imagination. :-)

  4. Very innovative and pretty and also very inspiring.

  5. How wonderful to be able to see this beautiful Zen corner every day:):)

  6. Thank you so much for the feature Patty :).. and thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.

  7. now thts 1 out of the box idea!and a pretty corner too!

  8. Wowwwwwww!! Its wonderful Sree! I know that u r very creative! But this shows the true description for it :) Onion stand turned out as beautiful corner stand! Wah! nd thnx to Sriya for her thought of that umbrella :) Very cute :)

    Keep rocking Sree! :)


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