Tuesday 7 June 2011

From Leh Ladakh with love

Hey everyone, Good to see you again! This month we are focussing on Buddha and what a co-incidence!!!
My brother and his wife sent me these beautiful pictures 3 days ago from their honeymoon in Leh, Ladakh(belated honeymoon... poor guys couldn't go till 8 months after marriage).
I haven't had a chance to talk to them after the trip as they just came back, so I will try and make guesses about the pictures. If you know about this place, please leave a comment and share your information. 
And here is the center or our theme this month... divine Buddha!

Now taking you outside the temple...
The temple grounds have a gold on white work... I think it's just beautiful! I have a feeling that the 2 Buddha pictures above are from 2 different temples, but like I said, I haven't had a chance yet to talk to my bro and confirm...
And here is the ultimate guess... I think the picure below is from the place where they shot the climax of "3 idiots"... what do you think?
Until next time!


  1. this place is on my wish list since along time,ya i guess you are right bout the last pic,.

  2. *sigh* what a gorgeous place!! absolutely stunning!! I planned to go there this June.. however the airfares to Ladakh from here, and the tours were way tooooooo expensive.. Dropped the idea!! But definitely on my list of places to go... Someday!! *sigh*..

    Good luck to the newly weds... Wish them lots of love and ever more understanding...

    Lovely post.. Shilpa!!

  3. perfect post for the series!! thanks for sharing patty :)

  4. Leh Ladakh - one of the places in my wishlist to visit in teh next 5 years...Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing Shilpa

  5. have heard much about Ladakh but didnt knw ths mch beauty hidden there...shx a lot to shilpa 4r this beautiful adorable post...

  6. Fabulous pictures and what a beautiful place! Thanx for sharing:)

  7. Its so beautiful! Wonder when I will be able to go :(

  8. awwww! I hope they had an awesome honeymoon :)


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