Thursday 2 June 2011

...Art for a Social Cause...

Hello everyone...Do you remember reading the post on Padmaja Madhu's murals and paintings on Colours Dekor? You can find it here and here. I was so captivated by the images, that I immediately hopped onto Padmaja's blog and sent her an email. The very next day, she responded back and over phone calls, emails and family visits (She is located in Mumbai), we became good friends.

Padmaja is blessed with this innate sense of color, proportion and a penchant to detail,...but what stands out are the subjects, that she chooses to paint, be it a traditional mural, a landscape, or a figurative abstract...Themes that make you ponder,...Pieces of introspection and conversation, that you want to discuss over a cuppa of chai,...Or you are awestruck at the spirituality that shines through, in her traditional pieces. Most importantly, all of her Art is for a Social cause - the monies are utilized to provide education to financially under-privledged children, who want to study. Isn't this wounderful! A lady, who is making use of her talent, to contribute back to the community! She is doing her small bit, by ensuring these kids have a good future, ahead of them. Listening to some of her experiences and the happiness shared by the parents, I had tears in my eyes. I love her paintings, but I respect her more for the individual she is. Way to go Padmaja!

I have 6 of Padmaja's paintings at home,...and one day, it suddenly dawned on me that a Padmaja painting would be a precious gift for my brother. My brother and Padmaja worked on the subject and what followed was a beautiful Laxmi Narayana painting. I was very curious on my brother's reaction to the painting when he finally saw it 3 weeks ago at her Mumbai home. He was plainly Stunned, Speechless and Captivated!...*smile*. He told me that the picture attached didn't do justice *smile* was far more beautiful! The Laxmi Narayana faces were luminescent!...*more smiles*. I am including the painting below and another that Padmaja made on a commission. You can contact Padmaja at, and don't forget to check out her paintings on her blog...her latest 'An Extra mile' is a wowie!! and her 'The Diamonds or the Silver?'...I want you to see it for yourself...

Padmaja M's Laxmi Narayana painting ... Padmaja M's Ganesha painting ... ...the first painting is a gift from Padmaja, on what we both do best, aptly named 'Conversation'. I made the Rajasthani painting, to give company to the first...*smile* ...a conversation area at home... with the two paintings... Hope you enjoyed the post...Adios until next week.

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~ ~ Anpu


  1. lovely profiling anu..and loved your painting too :)...i have been a great fan of Padmaja's work..i particularly like the one with u and her(i guess) .very sentimental and touching

  2. Her art is very poignant & colorful!!

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    Art by Karena

  3. She is so creative. I love all the paintings, specially both the conversation ones and the Ganesha one.


  4. WONDERFUL! How inspiring to read about people who want to help others with their talent. I just adore the first one. The faces of the Gods look so serene and Garuda has the wonderful look of Bhakti on Him! Thank you very much for introducing us to this wonderful artist.


  5. nice paintings,both padhmaja's and yours rajasthani painting.thanx for giving us a nice visual treat.

  6. Lovely work... especially the *conversation* piece ...

  7. These are brilliant, very nice. I am trying to catch up on the fabulous posts I missed this week.

  8. WoW beautiful...Art with a cause... gr8 effort:)
    The Lakshminarayana painting is a fantastic...loved the conversation piece too!!!!

  9. Lovely paintings Anpu and the Conversation is good. I didn't know you were a painter too.

  10. Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments...yes Padmaja is very inspiring and her paintings are so beautiful.

  11. Padmaja is a wonderful human being.I have spoken to her,and have received her painting as a gift.True her spirituality shines through in each and every painting. God bless her hands and talent.We need a million more of her!.

  12. We are truly proud to own a Padmaja painting in our house "Laxmi Narayana". We love the spirit and the divinity in her paintings - truly a Gods instrument in action. The case in point:
    A collegue of mine walked into our house and saw the Laxmi-Narayana on Garuda - He and his wife are orthodox followers of Lord Vishnu - the moment they saw the painting the stood spellbound for 15 mins - they could not move- there were tears of joy or happiness in their eyes....they were spellbound - true divinity in the painting - only an artist who has divined as well as invoked the goodness of the Gods can endevour........

    We are very happy with the painting, the artist is sincere and humble - without the primary qualities of godliness one cannot make such an impact on humanity -

    Padmaja is truly gifted - we wish her very well and hope the cause and the artist live a fruitful life - one that is filled with divine moments of success and satisfaction - may the good lord help the cause for which we live in humble fashion - simply fantastic and real....

    Nalini and Nagendra


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